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507 Old Saint Marys Rd Perryville, MO 63775
Mon - Fri | 7:30 am - 05:00 pm
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  • Vintage Auto Glass

    No matter how vintage your ride is, we can custom cut and install any window. You’ll be back riding in style in no time.

    Finding the right auto glass for older makes and models can be challenging, not to mention costly. For some makes and models, finding replacement glass at the dealership may still be possible. But what about those less common, unique, or classic rides?

    The rarer a car is, the harder it can be to find authentic replacement parts. At Liberty Glass, we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass to replicate the original windows down to the unique shape and mold to fit perfectly into your vehicle’s frame, meeting the highest safety standards.

    At Liberty Glass, we’ve got you covered. We understand that rare, vintage, and antique cars are priceless. Our experienced team will walk you through the repair process and address all of your questions and concerns before working on your vehicle.

    We take pride in our work and are eager to get you and your vintage vehicle back on the road again. Contact us and request a quote today.

    • Windshield, Rear, and Side Glass Replacement
    • New- and Old-Model Vehicles
    • OEM & Authentic Options Available
    • Custom Fit and Molded
    • Safe, In-Shop Installation
    • Trained and Certified Installers
    • Mirror Replacement

    When searching for a reliable exterior door installer, call us at (573) 547-2579. We specialize in residential glazing, including shower enclosures, windows, doors, patio enclosures, as well as auto glass, industrial, and commercial glazing.

    Maximize Your Savings in 2023

    Tax Credit for Efficient Windows and Doors Now Up to 30%

    Last year, the 2022 Tax Credit for installing efficient windows and doors was only 10% of the product cost with a maximum credit of $500. Now in 2023, it has significantly increased to 30% of the product cost with a maximum credit of $1100. (The total maximum credit is $1200, however, windows and doors combined are capped at $1100.)