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507 Old Saint Marys Rd Perryville, MO 63775
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  • Commercial Mirrors

    Dance studios, weight rooms, office buildings, bars and restaurants…we can customize mirrors to just about any shape or size.

    While we’re not limited to just commercial applications for custom mirrors, we do specialize in crafting and installing mirrors in commercial and business settings.

    Mirrors can be used as a decorative element, creating the illusion of more space in a room. However, they have multiple practical and functional purposes too. Mirrors help athletes check their form in the gym and their posture in the dance studio. One way mirrors provide safety and security. Curved and convex mirrors help people see around tight corners and blind spots.

    Whatever your commercial or business need, Liberty Glass can help. From choosing the right mirror color, style options, thickness, type of edging, and more, our experienced team will help design, cut, and install custom mirrors to suit your needs. 

    Give us a call and let’s transform your space together.

    • Cut to any size or shape
    • Bathroom mirrors
    • Mirror walls
    • Beveled mirrors
    • Framed mirrors
    • One-way mirrors
    • Security – convex mirrors
    • Replace mirrors in auto/van/truck
    • Front surface mirrors
    • Antique mirrors

    When searching for a reliable custom mirror installer, call us at (573) 547-2579. We specialize in residential glazing, including custom mirrors, shower enclosures, windows, doors, patio enclosures, as well as auto glass, industrial, and commercial glazing.

    Maximize Your Savings in 2023

    Tax Credit for Efficient Windows and Doors Now Up to 30%

    Last year, the 2022 Tax Credit for installing efficient windows and doors was only 10% of the product cost with a maximum credit of $500. Now in 2023, it has significantly increased to 30% of the product cost with a maximum credit of $1100. (The total maximum credit is $1200, however, windows and doors combined are capped at $1100.)